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WHEW. Ok, this one was... educational. That's not why it took me almost a year to finally finish it, but just sayin'. *killed*

So the song we have here is Get Yourself Arrested, which was requested as a duet by Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun performed during Arashi's 2001 concert tour... but some searches for the lyrics revealed that it was originally a duet by the rap group Shakkazombie and rock band Northern Bright (S.Z and N.B. as referenced in the lyrics; H.B. is Hide-Bowie, one of Shakkazombie's rappers). Which also explains the thing about the "illest machine" carrying 6 people (they're both 3-member units) and the use of several references to previous songs by both groups - for example, Northern Bright's My Rising Sun, Sugar & Spice, Adventure, and Wildflower (possibly) - and Shakkazombie's Journey of Foresight (again, possibly) and Shiroi Yami no Naka. Which, by the way, is a CRAZY fun song. I was so proud the first time I managed to sing along with it back when I was still a hapless college kid in my third year of Japanese. :B I'm still hapless, of course, I'm just 8 years older now orz

Also, as with most rap lyrics, I probably took a lot of artistic license trying to get all these random scraps of English strung together into something resembling sense. :,D So here you go - enjoy the full, original Get Yourself Arrested!

Shakkazombie & Northern Bright - Get Yourself Arrested

IT'S ON sou sa itsumo
Chakugan FORESIGHT yami no naka no FLIGHT
FUNKY BEAT tousai rokunin nori ILLEST MACHINE
Michibikare ichi, ni to san
Mirai akirasu MY RISING SUN
Nani ga aru to omou? Kumo no mukou
Kotae o sagasu kono ikkou

Hageshiku uneru BEAT mero hibiku gen
Omou ga mama ni hashiru ippon no PEN
Biiru no awa ga chakka saseru KEY
Sorezore no kosei betsubetsu no butai
Wakachiai kawasu akushu mugendai
Eta mono wa SUGAR & SPICE
Kimi nara ikura tsukeru jinsei no PRICE

Shiroi yami no naka o kakenuke
Aoku ooki na sora o te ni ireta
YEAH! Niji no kanata e mo tomo ni yukou
Soshite dare mo ga kiseki o tsukamu bokura o miteru

Yuku saki wa hitotsu darou? Kasoku suru taiyou e to
Toozakaru ashita e to afuredasu kimi jishin e to
Me o samase
Kagayaku hikari no you ni

Ore-tachi no sou WILD "SOUL" FLOWER
Sakimidareru DANCE FLOOR
AHH! ROCK THE MIC NOW shikaku nerau
LIVE & LOUD asu o ninau
Chijou o arukeba chikyuu ga mawaru
Tanoshiku natte kita ze IT'S MY WORLD

Dekai ryukku ni kitai o osame
Kotae motomete sora e te o kazashi
Kanjitoru hi no nukumori
Asahi o se ni shi aruku karui ashidori
Mokuteki nado wa nai ADVENTURE
Ugokidasu koto ga daiichi no henka
Sore ga teema
Temaneku shizumu taiyou
Chiheisen ga kakitomeru kono PEN ga

Iku saki wa hitotsu dake kasoku suru jidai e to
Toozakaru mirai e to afuredasu bokura e to
Yubi sasu kotae ni wa imi nado nai darou ka
Sorezore ni mukau no sa afuredasu jibun e to
Ima sugu...

It's on! That's right, I'm always
Unleashing rhymes like swinging a sword, come on, make it hot
A knack for foresight, a flight in the darkness
My illest machine carries 6, and this funky beat is built-in
Led along with a 1, 2, and 3
My rising sun illuminates the future
What do you think lies beyond those clouds?
This team is gonna look for the answer

An intense surging beat and the melody echoing from the strings
A pen racing to its heart's content all over the paper
The foam on the beer is the key that lights the fire
N.B. and S.Z. on the mic H.B.
Each showing their own strengths on their own stages
Now sharing, exchanging handshakes with infinity
What we've gained from it is sugar & spice
What price would you put on life?

After running through the white darkness
We took that big blue sky in our hands
Yeah! Let's go beyond the rainbow together
And everyone'll be watching us when we grasp the miracle

There's only one destination, right? Accelerating toward the sun
Toward the tomorrow that moves further away from us, overflowing toward you yourself
Get yourself arrested
Wake up
Get yourself arrested
Like the shining light

Eeh ahh uh ah ahh
Yeah, our wild "soul" flowers
Are blooming all over the dance floor
Along with this freaky freaky flow
Ahh! Rock the mic now, aim for the blind spot
Live & loud, carry tomorrow on your shoulders
As long as we walk on its surface, the world keeps turning
We're starting to have fun now! It's my world

I stuffed my hopes into a giant backpack
And reached for the sky in search of an answer
Feeling the warmth of the sunlight
I walked with light steps, the morning sun on my back
I have no destination, it's an adventure
Just starting to move is the first big change
That's my theme
The setting sun beckons me
As my pen draws out the horizon

There's only one destination, accelerating toward the next age
Toward the tomorrow that moves further away from us, overflowing toward us
Could it be there's no meaning in the answer my finger points to?
Our own answers will come to each of us, overflowing toward us
Get yourself arrested
Get myself arrested
Get yourself arrested
Right now...

Disclaimer: This song belongs to... umm, ok, I'll take a guess here. Shakkazombie, Northern Bright, DefSTAR Records, and cutting edge? How's that? x_x But the important part is: not me. I only take credit for the romaji and translation. I'm just a fangirl trying to make J-music a little more accessible to English speakers. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me - I'm already broke. T__T


Oct. 13th, 2011 05:04 pm (UTC)
Okay so apparently this weekend I need to scrounge through my archives for that 2001 concert and watch this duet between Sho and Jun. lol Thank you for always providing informative data not just on the song but the artists who perform and/or create them, as they give me the opportunity to learn more about them. ^_^
Welcome, and thanks for visiting! Use the Memories link above or the Tags below to find the translation you're looking for, and if you don't find it, feel free to send a request!

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