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Hirahara Ayaka - Ashita

And here it is - until I can get those Amuro Namie lyrics - the FINAL fundraiser request fulfilled. And as promised, the screenshot of the receipt sent after I submitted the donation - and the sense of completion that goes with getting both at once, I hope. ♥ Click to enlarge...

Yes, the donation amount says $500, and the total donated to the fundraiser was $504.54. This is because I forgot that there's a $500 daily cap on the card I used to make the payment. *headdesk* But you guys know I'm good for that last $4.54, right? lol... Yes, I will indeed make a second donation with the rest, plus a little extra to constitute my own donation, as soon as that cap is reset and my card lets me pay again. I'll post that screencap here somewhere too if anyone asks me to.

So here it is, a rather fitting song to close out the fundraiser - also known as the ending theme of the drama Yasashii Jikan, Hirahara Ayaka's Ashita. Enjoy, and a million THANK YOUs once again to everyone who took part in this project, with or without a request. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot of new Japanese (:P), and gained a LOT of satisfaction and general warm fuzzies through fulfilling all these requests and knowing it was for a good cause. I hope you guys found a little bit of that in the process as well. ^^

This song was requested and translated as part of Taiji Project's fundraiser for disaster relief in Japan. It's over now, but you can check out this post to see what we did and how it went!

Hirahara Ayaka - Ashita (Tomorrow)

Zutto soba ni iru to anna ni itta no ni
Ima wa hitori miteru yozora hakanai yakusoku

Kitto kono machi nara doko ka de surechigau
Sonna toki wa warainagara aetara ii no ni

Mou nakanai mou makenai
Omoide o koerareru ashita ga aru kara

Sotto tojita hon ni tsuzuki ga aru nara
Mada nan ni mo kakaretenai peeji ga aru dake

Mou nakanai mou nigenai
Natsukashii yume datte owari ja nai mono

Ano hoshikuzu ano kagayaki
Te o nobashite ima kokoro ni shimaou
Ashita wa atarashii watashi ga hajimaru

All those time you told me you'd always be near
Yet now I'm looking at the night sky alone... it was an empty promise

If you're in this town, I'm sure we'll pass each other by somewhere
I only hope I'll be able to greet you with a smile then

I won't cry anymore, I won't lose anymore
Because there is a tomorrow that can surpass my memories

If there is a continuation to the book I've quietly closed
It's only empty pages with nothing written on them

I won't cry anymore, I won't run away anymore
Even if a dream makes me nostalgic, that doesn't mean it's over

That stardust, that glow
I'll reach out my hand now and store them in my heart
Tomorrow a new me will begin

Disclaimer: This song belongs to Hirahara Ayaka and Dreamusic Inc., not me. I only take credit for the romaji and translation. I'm just a fangirl trying to make J-music a little more accessible to English speakers. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me - I'm already broke. T__T


Apr. 17th, 2011 03:18 pm (UTC)
Wow, amazing fundraising effort. Well done!
Welcome, and thanks for visiting! Use the Memories link above or the Tags below to find the translation you're looking for, and if you don't find it, feel free to send a request!

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