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Suicide Ali - Perpetual check

As we all know, Suicide Ali's single Perpetual check is based on the concept of chess. And there is an accompanying story to this concept, which I found on a Japanese fan's blog after it had been presented at one of their concerts. It goes a little something like this (this is not a direct translation, just a summary of a summary)...

Seems a big chess tournament was held in the royal court of Revandesh, a city or kingdom or something in Faifilseea, the world Suicide Ali's concept takes place in. Those who made it past the preliminary round proceeded to take on the champion, and each challenger did so using their own original chess piece. Now, somewhere in the city/kingdom there was a beautiful, well-loved young woman who happened to be an artist/sculptor. Her masterpiece, Sailla, was on display in the town of Lorent, where it brought hope to the town's citizens. She was a sociable, cheerful woman, but had a little trouble keeping her priorities straight between art and love. She ran away with her first love, but dumped the guy the next day because she decided her art was all she needed.

Then one day, this woman received a package from the chess champion himself. It contained some papers and a red box that seemed to stare right back at her when she looked at it. The box contained a king chess piece that glowed with a brilliant light, and the papers included a letter and photos of knight, bishop, and rook chess pieces. The letter said "You must join the chess tournament and collect the other three chess pieces. When you join the tournament and win each progressive round, you'll understand." She didn't know much about chess, but she was so excited she immediately took off to join the tournament.

The rest of the story is left to your imagination... but those who have been following Suicide Ali's blogs, images, and merchandise releases should know what (or whom) each of the four chess pieces represent. The red box containing the chess piece is also a hint - it represents Fumura no Hako, the vessel that carried the fallen god child, Bit el bedi, from Heaven to Faifilseea.

Now that you know the story, enjoy trying to make it all weave in with the lyrics of the songs on this single :D And here at last is the title track, Perpetual check!

Suicide Ali - Perpetual Check

Kakaekonda kako no sukima
Furisosogu kirai na kimi no egao
Douse nara shiawase nado shirazu ni
Hitori kono yo ni sayonara o tsugeru

Tatoe kokoro kudakete mo
Miushinawanai you ni

Te ni toru you ni kikoeteta
Rikoteki na koe-tachi nigirishimete
Douse nara shinjitsu nado shirazu ni
Yogoto yume o okizari ni ikiteku

Tatoe kokoro kudakete mo
Miushinawanai you ni

Aishita sekai kara
Koboreochiru kuuki
Hizamazuku boku kara
Yodomu yo taedae ni Whisper

Ataerareta dougu de
Shiranai sekai o
Ataerareta dougu de
Kizukanai furi de

Hajimari wa itsu kara ka?
Memai no naka toraekirenai boukyaku
Boku dake ga shiranai jikan
Abiru hodo ni ukeru shuuaku na teeze

Aisareta toki hodo
Uso ni mieru kuuki
Hizamazuku kimi sae
Kasumu yo taedae na Whisper
Taedae ni Whisper
Owaranai Whisper

Taedae na Whisper

From the gaps in the past that I carry
Your smiles that I hate so much rain down
If I'll never know happiness anyway
I might as well bid farewell to this world alone

I'll keep doubting
Even if my heart breaks apart
So I won't lose sight of it

I tightly grasped the selfish voices
That I could hear clearly enough to touch
If I'll never know truth anyway
I might as well live on leaving every night's dreams behind

I'll keep doubting
Even if my heart breaks apart
So I won't lose sight of it

The air from the world I loved spills over
From my kneeling form trickles a faint whisper

With the tools I've been given
I'll create an unknown world
With the tools I've been given
Pretending not to notice

When did it start?
This memory lapse that I can't fully grasp within my dizziness
A time span that only I am unaware of
As so many ugly theses wash over me

The atmosphere looks as false
As it did when I was loved
Even your kneeling form
Grows hazy with a faint whisper
Faintly whisper
Neverending whisper

I'll keep doubting
The faint whisper

Disclaimer: This song belongs to Suicide Ali and Starwave Records, not me. I only take credit for the romaji and translation. I'm not really worried about them suing me since I'm their official translator anyway, but the disclaimer still needed to be said. :D