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S.R.S - Taisetsu Dakara Sutemashou

A couple more nearly-year-old requests finally ready to see the light of day~ Today I bring a pair of songs by another first-time band for me, S.R.S, starting with Taisetsu Dakara Sutemashou. Enjoy!

...Ah, I need to stop going weeks at a time without doing this. Being on an indefinite break from subbing has me feeling out of practice already. :s

S.R.S - Taisetsu Dakara Sutemashou

Tomadoi o kakushikirenai kara sutete shimaou
Kono kimochi taisetsu dakara sutete shimaou

Sutemashou sutemashou
Atarashii mono te ni ireru tame ni
Sutemashou sutemashou
Taisetsu na mono no taisetsusa kizuku tame ni

Wasuremashou wasuremashou
Wasurenai mono dake nokorun da kara

Douse boku ga wasureyou to suru koto sura
Kimi wa shiranain da kara kurushii yo
Kono kimochi taisetsu dakara sutenakucha

Sakebimashou sakebimashou
Hontou no jibun kakusu tame ni
Sakebimashou sakebimashou
Sakebu to kiyasume ni natta kara
Waraimashou waraimashou
Tsurai koto de mo tanoshiku suru tame
Boku ni totte saidaikyuu no heijoushin tamotsu tame ni

Kimi o omou kimochi wa kaerenakatta
Kono kimochi wa dou shiyou mo dekinakatta
Jama wa shitaku nai tte iu no wa iiwake da kedo
Kakushikirenai kara
Sutete shimaou sutete shimaou
Douse mata hirocchaun da kara

Ima wa sutete shimaou

I can't hide my confusion, so I'll throw it away
These feelings are precious, so I'll throw them away

Throw them away, throw them away
So I can obtain something new
Throw them away, throw them away
So I can realize just how precious these precious things are

Forget it all, forget it all
Because only the things you don't forget stay behind

You won't even know that I'm trying to forget it anyway
And that's why it hurts
These feelings are precious, that's why I have to throw them away

I'll shout out, I'll shout out
To hide who I really am
I'll shout out, I'll shout out
I felt more at ease after shouting it all out
I'll laugh, I'll laugh
So I can enjoy even the painful things
And keep as calm as I can

I couldn't change how I felt about you
I couldn't do anything about these feelings
It would just be an excuse to say I didn't want to bother you
But I can't just hide them
So I'll throw them away, throw them away
I'll just pick them up again later anyway

For now, I'll just throw them away

Disclaimer: This song belongs to S.R.S and Toy's Factory, not me. I only take credit for the romaji and translation. I'm just a fangirl trying to make J-music a little more accessible to English speakers. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me - I'm already broke. T__T