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DuelJewel - Sakura Mau Michi

I've actually had this done for a little while, but I kept getting sidetracked from posting it. And then forgetting. :s Darn it. But this makes my second completed DuelJewel request, yay~ ♥ If I ever get caught up on all my pending requests (I actually only have maybe 10 or so left... SO WHY ARE THEY NOT DONE ALREADY?! *kicks self*), this might be one of those bands I start pounding out lyric translations for just because I adore them...

So yeah, this time I have Sakura Mau Michi :D Enjoy!

(By the way, a random note on the title: the kanji used is read "hodou," which means sidewalk, but in the song Hayato sings "michi," which just means street/road/path in general. Envision that as you will ^^)

DuelJewel - Sakura Mau Michi

Irozuiteku meguru haru ni hitori nokosare
Nakushita mono sagashiteiru mienai mono o
Ano hi no bokura to nita futari toorisugiteku

I wish that you are always on my side
I am waiting for you when the cherry blossoms come

Sakura mau michi hitori ano hi wa kimi ga soba ni ita ne
"Mata rainen ne..." to sasayaita
Kimi no yakusoku no kotoba wa yozora ni kieta

Tachitsukushita kami ni tsumoru hana wa itsuka no
Sunadokei no you me o tojite kimi o omou yo

Sakura mau michi hitori kawaranu ai o kureta kimi ni
"Mata aeru kara..." to tsubuyaita
Boku no kotoba wa kimi e to todoku ka na?

Kimi ni aeta yorokobi itsu made mo wasurenai yo
Kousaten ni saku kimi o mitsumete
Tsutau namida ni kodoku no imi o shitta
Mou modorenai hibi o omotta

Sore de mo boku wa aruiteiku yo
Furitsumoru hanabira no ue ni futari no ashiato o nokoshite

The colors of spring return, leaving me behind alone
Searching for something I've lost, something I can't see
A couple just like we used to be walks by

I wish that you are always on my side
I am waiting for you when the cherry blossoms come

Alone on the street where cherry blossoms fall, where you were once beside me
"We'll come here again next year...", you whispered
The words of your promise disappeared into the night sky

As the flowers collect in my hair like an hourglass from another time
Standing still, I close my eyes and think of you

Alone on the street where cherry blossoms fall
I murmured to you who gave me unchanging love, "I'll see you again..."
I wonder if my words will reach you?

I'll never forget how happy I was to have met you
As I watched you blooming at the intersection
From the tears streaming down my cheeks, I learned the meaning of loneliness
And thought of the days I can never go back to

But still I'll keep on walking
Leaving our footsteps on the fallen cherry blossom petals

Disclaimer: This song belongs to DuelJewel and Sword Records (I think? they've jumped labels a few times), not me. I only take credit for the romaji and translation. I'm just a fangirl trying to make J-music a little more accessible to English speakers. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me - I'm already broke. T__T


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Jul. 22nd, 2011 09:35 am (UTC)
Thank you for the translation (╥﹏╥) It's beautiful...
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