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Holy... where have I been all summer? ._. I said I'd be using this season to catch up on all my lyrics requests, not exist under a rock... though actually, I had fewer remaining requests than I realized. A couple more little lyricspams after today's three, and they'll be DONE. :o

...I think. Still need to dig through my inboxes and make sure I didn't miss any...

Anyway, yeah, I'm still alive! I'll probably make a post at the sub community soon with various other life updates and nonsense in more detail, but in the meantime I translated three more songs :B First up is Caravan by BUMP OF CHICKEN!


Zuibun saki ni itte shimatta hikari no shita no kyaraban

Tonneru ni zankyou fusaida mimi jibun kirai na jibun ga suki
Shiranai kao de shitteiru koto satorarenai tame no obenkyou

Kirei na kotoba o shinjinai you ni shite
Mitasareru no wa totemu futsuu no koto

Sakebi wa fuyou tada ieba ii mendokusagaru kimi ga mendou
Shitteiru you de shiranai koto chishiki dake de chie ga nai koto

Kandou ni shibia na wake ja nai kanjou ni shibou ga tsuita dake
Tabete kita gochisou wa subete youi sareta mono

Sono teido da bokura nante otagai ni
Hanete mite mo takagashireta ikimono

Mukanshin apiiru saa ganbare ase fuku toki wa monokage de
Kikoenakute ii kikoetatte ii kimi ga kirai na kimi ga kirai

Nakami karappo de mo gomakaseru mon da ne
Gomakasu aite mo taigai nita you na mono

Sono teido da bokura nante otagai ni
Baka ni shiatte mo shousha fuzai no kankyaku

Zuibun saki ni itte shimatta hikari no shita no kyaraban

Oikakereba mada oitsukeru keredo
Omoidaseru ka hiraita kyori no umekata

Sono teido da bokura nante otagai ni
Kirai wa shite mo kirawaretaku nai ikimono

Ugokanai ashi chuui shita mimi

Tonneru ni zankyou

The caravan under the light has moved on far ahead of us

Ears plugged against the echoes in the tunnel, I like the me that hates myself
I'm learning to feign ignorance so people won't realize I know the things I know

It's completely normal to feel satisfied
By choosing not to believe their pretty words

You don't have to shout, just say it; you're so annoying when you act annoyed
You seem to know things, but you don't; you have the knowledge but no wisdom

It's not that I want to rain on your parade, just that fat has built up on my emotions
All the meals I've eaten have been prepared by someone else

That's all we are, you and I
Creatures that may try to jump high, but we just don't matter that much

Apathetically I wish you good luck; when you wipe your sweat, do it in the shade
It doesn't matter whether you hear me or not, I hate the you that hates yourself

You can deceive people even if you're empty inside
Because the ones you're deceiving are basically just like you

That's all we are, you and I
We ridicule each other, but we're just spectators in a game with no winner

The caravan under the light has moved on far ahead of us

We could still catch up if we run after it now
But can we remember how to fill in the distance that's opened there?

That's all we are, you and I
Creatures that hate, but don't want to be hated

Feet unmoving, ears alert

Echoes in the tunnel

Disclaimer: This song belongs to BUMP OF CHICKEN and Toy's Factory, not me. I only take credit for the romaji and translation. I'm just a fangirl trying to make J-music a little more accessible to English speakers. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me - I'm already broke. T__T


Aug. 27th, 2011 11:08 am (UTC)
I started listening to Bump Of Chicken early this year and totally fell in love with their music. And I must say this song has become one of my favorites among their coupling songs the first time I heard it. Since I have very little command of the Japanese language, I imagined the song to be something like a tale of life's journeys. Reading through the translation made me realize that I'm actually missing three-quarters of the song. Now I know why I love this song. Fujiwara was so straightforward with his words that it hit me hard.

Thanks for the translation :D
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