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Taiji Project

unofficial Japanese -> English media translations

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Welcome to angelembryo's translation journal!

All are welcome to friend this journal - but don't be hurt if I don't friend you back, simply because the sheer number of followers this journal gained while it was active made it impossible to re-friend everybody. Everything here is public anyway though, so you're not missing anything!

Finally, if you wish to display any of these translations elsewhere or re-translate them into your native language, you're welcome to do so - all I ask is that you PLEASE include some form of credit wherever they're displayed. My name, journal name, journal URL, whatever - I'm not picky. I poured my heart and soul into every translation you see here, and giving credit when reusing a fellow fan's work is only common courtesy.

Other than that, use the Tags and/or Memories to find what you're looking for, and have fun!

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